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TYAN S5510GM3NR Server Motherboard

Testing Configuration:


WinRAR is a popular file compression program. It has a built in benchmarking tool that measures the amount of throughput that a CPU can perform. Since WinRAR uses its compression engine in the benchmark, it is a good indication of how well the program will perform when working with compressed files.


This benchmark is very thread hungry, meaning the more cores you have the better you’ll do generally. Although the overall frequency of the CPU also plays a big part. Even though the E3-1220 only has 4 cores, it still pulls off an impressive 3344 KB/s average.


TrueCrypt allows you to either encrypt your entire drive or create an encrypted folder that you can put your important files into. Encrypting an entire drive creates a lot of overhead. Whenever you want to access a file, the computer first has to retrieve the encrypted version and then has to decrypt it before it can be given to the user. This benchmark runs through some of the algorithms that TrueCrypt uses to encrypt files and reports back how much data per second the CPU can process using that algorithm.

truecrypt1 truecrypt2 truecrypt3
5MB 50MB 1GB

A good CPU without enhanced AES instructions can score around 400 MB/s in the 1GB AES test. We see that in the 1GB test the E3-1220 achieves an astounding 2.5 GB/s throughput. That’s a night and day difference between a CPU that has the enhanced AES instructions and one that doesn’t. Given how prevalent AES is in the world of cryptography, this chip has a distinct advantage over chips that don’t have the instruction set. If you were to encrypt an entire drive using AES, the overheard of reading and writing to it would be negligible when compared to the drive being unencrypted.

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