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Wicked Lasers Spyder III Arctic Blue Laser


The Spyder III Arctic consists of two main sections constructed of milled solid aluminum. The upper body houses the laser doide, battery, power meter, and threading for the lens. The lower body consists of the on/off button, safety plug, and fuse. These two sections are milled from solid aluminum and give the Spyder III Arctic a very substantial sturdy feel. The entire structure is hard anodized black adding to the durability of the laser.

Overall the milling and construction is excellent with a few minor faults. We found that the rubber tip covering the on/off button came off quite easily, additionally the logo, lettering, and icon’s which are silk screened or painted on the body were done so hastily as each are crooked. This can be seen in our photo’s below:

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These are the only faults we have with the laser itself and these are admittedly quite minor. They do not affect the functionality of the Spyder II Arctic at all though with the rest of the package being of such high quality these things feel out of place.


The Spyder II Arctic comes in a black, foam lined cardboard box with magnetic clasp. The box houses the laser with lens and seven additional lenses for a total of 8. Six of these lenses provides a different pattern with two serving as a power setting for the laser. The training lens reduces the power outputĀ  by 50% or greater and comes pre-attached to the Spyder III Arctic for those who might be overwhelmed by the full power of this laser. The other lens is a simple pass through and allows for full power use of the laser. The additional 6 (six) lenses provide the following functionality:

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Additional Extra’s:

When you purchase the Spyder III Arctic you receive a full package with all of the additional necessary extras you would need without the additional cost. Other than the lenses mentioned above the purchase price of the Spyder III Arctic includes a battery charger for the included 1300 mah Lithium Ion Battery Type 18650 and a pair of 445nm laser protective shades.

A quick glance at the Wicked Lasers website shows that an additional battery will cost a low $9.99 while other accessories are available at a variable cost.

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