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How to choose a gaming tablet

How to choose a tablet
Talking about mobile gaming, many people prefer powerful gaming smartphones, which are actually good and undoubtedly more portable than tablets, however, the latter boast a convenient screen size and good performance, which is why they are gradually becoming more and more popular. That is why we decided to create this guide, which will surely help you choose the right tablet.



First you need to understand a very important question: do you need a device on a mobile OS, such as Windows 10, iOS, Android OS, or a device that is a full-fledged computer in the form of a tablet. Both types have their advantages and disadvantages, from available apps and games to price points.


This is by far the most important decision and does not concern the real power of the tablet. The OS is exactly what allows you to play and determines which applications will be compatible with the tablet. If you love mobile games, you can find great projects for iOS, but any decent gamer knows that Windows is the real king in this regard.


RAM is an essential component of any device, be it a PC, laptop or phone. As for modern gaming computers, they use between 8GB and 32GB of RAM. With tablets, things are a little different, since the model may use RAM differently, but those devices that are actually a full-fledged computer usually have a lot of RAM. For good mobile gaming performance you need 4 GB, but more is better.


Internal storage is incredibly important when choosing a tablet, especially if you plan to browse media frequently or install many different applications and games. The operating system can use up to 4 GB of disk space, so, for example, a tablet with 16 GB of internal memory can potentially only have 12 GB of free space, which is quite easy to fill with various HD movies, regular applications and voluminous games.


Screen resolution is very important as it affects how the game looks. Tablets have a hidden advantage: low resolutions are less noticeable because tablets are much smaller than full-size PC monitors. Resolution is measured in pixels, and there is another metric that is a really important aspect of any display - pixel density. A tablet less than 1080p may look sharp, but when choosing a gaming device, we recommend not going below 1800 × 1200 or 1080p.

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