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XClio A380Color-PLUS Full Tower Case

Size Does Matter:

Measuring in around 1.85 ft tall, 1.9ft deep, and 8 inches wide this case has a sizable footprint; not the case of choice to build your mom’s computer. This case is aimed at the PC enthusiast looking for something big enough to contain that new AMD 6 core build and put on a show at the same time.  The main chassis is constructed of 1.0mm rolled steel which gives it a solid feel and decent weight.  The front panel, hinged door, and side budges are plastic, but well finished and thick enough to last. Viewing the case from the front it looks like a jet engine on a plane with an instrument panel mounted up top. The fan controls include fan on/off, LED on/off, color change controls, and 3 independent adjustable speed controls for each side, top, and front cooling fans. Underneath the top stylish fan grille you will find 2 180mm LED color changing fans.  It is important to note that these top fans will greatly improve the exhaust of hot air out of the case, especially from the top mounted power supply. The smooth flow from the top to bottom of the case  does prompt the image of a space age aircraft design.

Close up 1 Close up front Top Panel 1
Side Fan Front Back

The full tower case contains 5 x 5.25″ and 7 x 3.5″  (1 external) drive bays and will fit up to an MP Dual CPU motherboard (12″x13″). The 6 internal hard drive cages are screw-less and simply snap around a standard 3.5″ hard drive. The case assembly then slides into the metal rails in the side loading bay. A word of caution, you must use right-angled SATA and power connectors with provided drive rail/cage assembly, other wise the drive connections will simply fail to fit inside the plastic handle of the cage.The metal edges are well finished especially around exposed areas such as drive bays, so no cut fingers to worry about during the build.

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