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XClio A380Color-PLUS Full Tower Case

Case Lighting:

The A380Color-Plus features 4 over-sized  color-changing 256 LED cooling fans providing adequate cooling a unique touch not found in many cases. The side, front, and 2 top fans are each equipped with a set of center mounted L.E.D.s or Light Emitting Diodes that produce a crisp range of 256 colors.  When turned on and then set in motion using the top control panel, the entire case and surrounding floor space is splashed with color. If you desire the LEDs can be set to changing continuously or you may pause the rotation to maintain a static color,  again all set using the top panel buttons. The front door contains an inlaid XClio logo that is in sequence with the case fan LEDs. XClio does include some replacement LED lamps so you will not have to search the ends of the earth in the rare event an LED fails. (LEDs have a much longer life span than standard light bulbs and generate very little heat.) Also included with the case were all necessary motherboard standoffs, screws, drive rails, several small zip ties, all in a material drawstring bag.

AirFlow Supreme:

The front and side 250mm, top 180mm, and rear 120mm fans each move a decent flow of air whilst remaining almost silent. The front fan will cool the 6 hard drive cages, whilst the side and rear fans cool the motherboard, video card(s), and drawn hot air out from the CPU cooler.  The addition of 2 large top fans helps exhaust hot air from the power supply unit and overall system.

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4light_violet 4light_green 4light_orange
4light_yellow 4light_pink 4light_blue

The top fan controls include: fan on/off, LED on/off, and LED set. The 3 speed controls give you full control over the fan speed for the side, top, and front fans respectively. The top panel allows you to easily pick the level of cooling and color choice to fit your style or current mood. Set back behind the fan dials are 4 USB ports, 1 each headphones and microphone jacks, and 1 eSATA port. This collection of connections allows easy plug-in for USB devices such as flash drives, media players, and digital cameras. One notable feature is that the USB ports are spaced apart more than is usual on a case front.  This allows simultaneous connection of devices with larger USB plugs like high capacity flash drives that are usually physically fatter in size.

Top Top Controls Fan VR
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