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XClio A380Color-PLUS Full Tower Case

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Interior Layout:

The roomy interior allows for a motherboard up to 12″ x 13″ in size. Most users will build a computer using a standard size ATX board, so the test setup used an ATX Giga-byte motherboard and AMD processor. Everything installed with ease, most metal edges are curled back or were finished correctly so there were no sharp edges or cut fingers during fitting. My standard size power supply slid in with plenty of room for even the largest of power supplies. The motherboard installed using the included standoffs and screws, and DVD drive slid in from the front and locked into place with the included drive rails. Even fully packed this case would still have space to spare! Great for those looking to install over-sized heatsinks and possibly water cooling systems, although there are no pre-drilled water tube ports in the rear. The clearance from socket to side window with this motherboard was 5.5 inches (about 140mm). This would allow for a large aftermarket heatsink to be installed in this case. Cable management is limited to a 2 inch wide plastic clip installed on the back of the hard drive cage assembly. Unlike some other recent cases we have reviewed, this XClio model has no purpose designed cable management runs or holes to place cables out of sight. This is a shame considering the overall design of the case features a clear side window and unique light show provided by the fans. I did however manage to conceal some power and SATA cables behind the hard drive cage assembly.¬† There is limited room behind the external 3.5 bay cage where you could zip tie some cables out of sight, but for the most part cables will be put on display in this case. I guess you could break out the heat gun and colored plastic tubing to tidy up your interior cabling.

Cage Cages HDD Cages

The six internal 3.5″ bays are housed in the front of the case directly behind the front fan. Each bay utilizes a drive rail and hard drive cooler shell system to mount your hard drives inside the case. Gentle spread the metal ‘coolers’ open, place over your drive, and ease down until the four metal pins click into standard hard drive screw holes on each side of the drive. The decision to include hard drive coolers instead of regular rails may not work so well for some users. The handle on the drive bay cooler will require the use of right angle power and data cables, regular straight cables would be pushed down possibly causing loose connections or damage to the drive interface. The ‘cooler’ aspect of the drive rail design is not so impressive. The test setup installed in this case used a Western Digital Caviar Black 500GB hard drive. Using the included drive bay rails with cooler¬† I saw no increase in cooling performance and no decrease in hard drive temperature versus the same hard drive installed with regular 2 piece rails (simple plastic rails, one on each side, no metal surround). The included drive bay cooler do look good, but will provide little to no cooling performance increase.

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