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Zotac GeForce 560Ti OC Gaming Video Card

Closer look:


Front of packaging


Back of packaging

Overall the packaging carry’s over Zotac’s styling for the unit itself which is orange and black.


Left side of packaging


Right side of packaging

On the sides you have some basic features list and a fairly basic spec sheet (more on that later)


  • Microsoft DirectX11 support
  • NVIDIA CUDA Technology with CUDA C/C++, DirectCompute 5.0 and openCL support
  • NVIDIA PhysX Technology
  • NVIDIA SLI ready
  • NVIDIA 3D vision ready
  • NVIDIA PureVideo HD technology
  • PCI Express 2.0 support
  • Dual Link DVI-I connector
  • Dual-Link HDCP-Capable
  • OpenGL 4.1 support

Closer still:

gtx560-007 The unit itself all decked out in orange and black, A single fan dominates the center of the graphics card. Dual DVI ports as well as an HDMI port are positioned on the I/O side of the card.
The rear of the unit has two 6 pin power connector slots requiring both for proper operation. It should be noted that even though it requires 2 power connectors the power draw is between 30 – 150 watts from the wall with this card. this power consumption is significantly lower than that of its predecessors. gtx560-014
gtx560-012 The bottom of the card showing the PCI-Express 2.0 connector as well as the stylistic orange mesh that adorns the top of the card. This orange mesh has no purpose other than styling and potentially cooling though there are a significant amount of vents and holes around the card.
A close up look at the fan and if you look closely you can see the copper/ aluminum heat sink that actually draws the heat away from the card. gtx560-016
gtx560-018_0 The goodies that come with the the GTX 560Ti OC. Additional power connectors to take 4 pin molex to the proper 6pin connector used by the card. you get a driver CD and manuals. you also get a voucher for Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood which is active 3/22/2011
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4 Comments... What's your say?

  1. DO NOT get one of these unless your PC has more cooling than a freezer!
    It’s the hottest running card I’ve ever used and on any AAA game title it hits 100c (I really wonder if it could boil water?), the fan only goes up to 75% speed (hard lock) and it crashes most games due to heat issues after a while of playing, and that is with it’s own fan & four (4) cases fans blowing around it.
    I’d hate to see the heat from it if you over clocked it!!!
    Was a great price, and it’s nice & powerful, but the heat kills it everytime! 🙁

  2. Good card, great price. Nice combo!


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