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Akasa FC-Trio Fan Controller Review @

 Fan controllers are a peripheral that get very little praise from the enthusiast crowd. We seem to just use them and not take too much notice of the way they change our computing experience for the better. If you stop and think, it is easy to realise how important fan controllers are in daily usage scenarios, I can’t imagine anybody loving the loud noise of their fans on 100% speed 24/7.

Akasa are a brand who have realised the importance of fan controllers and strived to deliver the most effective product to suit everybody’s needs. Today we take a look at a product that was built almost in partnership with their loyal fans and customers, the FC. Trio fan controller.

The brushed aluminium FC. Trio is one of Akasa’s latest releases in the fan controller category. Listening to the consumer feedback of its FC-03 predecessor, the FC. Trio aims to offer an improved design and features list that has been desired but missing in previous Akasa fan controllers. Specific options such as being able to entirely turn off the bright VFD display and allow the fans to stop spinning completely were asked for by buyers, so those options they got. Other useful features are present such as a 30W per channel power rating, 3 channel controller and temperature monitoring system ensuring that the FC. Trio should tick everybody’s box.

The FC. Trio seems like a very feature rich fan controller. Let’s hope all of the advertised functions work in our tests.


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