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Microsoft Launch 2007 Event

Author:  Jason Jacobs
Date:  2007.01.26
Topic:  Events
Provider:  Microsoft
Manufacturer:  Microsoft

Microsoft Launch 2007 Event


Recently we attended an event that Microsoft put together focused upon informing resellers, system integrators, technology fans, and IT Admins about their Vista Operating System, Exchange 2007, and Office 2007 product lines. Immediately apparant was the slogan "Get Ready for a New Day" and a consistent theme to all products. We will discuss each of the products and some observations we made during the event as well as share some insights into the marketing and new ideas that Microsoft has latched onto for this round of product releases.

Microsoft Windows Vista

Microsoft Vista

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last year youare well aware that Microsoft is getting ready to release its long awaited MS Vista Operating System. Vista has been touted as revolutionary by some and dreaded by others. What is of little doubt to most is that running the most desireable features of Vista will require much more advanced hardware than most systems currently have. Although the folks at Redmond state it only requires a 800Mhz Processor and a mere 512MB of ram the minimum specifications also state that you will require a whopping 15GB of HD space to install Vista. While attending the IT Pro Track of this event the presenter was much more realistic suggested you might want to start out with at least a 2 Ghz processor and 1GB of ram in order to get it running at a decent pace and this is aside from the video or GPU requireemnts to run Flip 3D and Aero.

Flip 3D and the Aero or Glass interface are the most prevalant new features of Vista as they are the most obvious. What is not obvious at first is that the entire OS is reliant upon vector graphics. This is a huge change for MS as all previous operations systems from MS used raster graphics made of pixels which ended up not looking as clean or defined as those employed by Apple. Vector graphics are images made by using math to define curves and angles, this is beneficial as no matter how large or small they get on the screen the image remains as defined as it was originally. In this aspect as well as several others it seems MS has learned from Apple, we should be thankful they are catching on.

Microsoft hails Vista as the most significant product launch in its history and we would agree. MS has bet that consumers are willing to do the hardware upgrade that Vista nearly demands and has engineered the OS with features that will add to the overall functionality, look, and security of the OS. The included wizards and security will not only make your data more secure but also now gives meaningful feedback instead of useless warnings when you are in jepordy.

Vista will come in several different flavors which are:

Vista Starter: This little known version of Vista is available in 119 countries and includes the most basic of features. It is intended for first time PC users and includes tutorials and features intended to help the first time user get started and getting access to the internet and data. This version is not slated to be available in the US, Canada, EU, Australia, New Zealand, or other high income markets as defined by the World Bank. Feeling a little left out aren't we, or is this Vista Basic with a few added wizards and tutorials at a lower price as if MS thinks we should pay more because most of us can?

Vista Home Basic: A very trimmed down version of Vista which does not include Flip 3D, Aero, and many other features. This version is aimed at the OEM market as well as price restricted users.

Vista Home Premium: A more full featured OS which includes the Flip 3D, Aero, Windows Media Center and other features. It does not allow for joining to a domain or remote desktop.

Vista Business: As its name implies this is a business focused OS and will likely become the OS replacement for XP Pro within two years. It includes all features of Home premium without Windows Media Center. This OS does have the ability to be joined to a domain as well as remote desktop capability.

Vista Ultimate: Truly the Ultimate version of Vista that includes too many options to list here. As its name implies it is the most feature packed version of Vista available to consumers. All packages you could want are available in this the most expensive version.

Vista Enterprise: This version of Vista is only available to Volume License customers and will include advanced enterprise grade features aimed at enhanced security, data protection, and application compatibility. Don't expect to find this one on retail shelves.

What is not generally known is that the packaging of the new OS will also change. Gone is the cardboard box and in its place a plastic packaging, color coded and with a rounded edge.

New Windows Vista Packaging



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