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Supercomputing 2006 Show

Author:  Jason Jacobs
Date:  2006.11.14
Topic:  Events
Provider:  SC06
Manufacturer:  SC06

SUPERCOMPUTING 06 in Tampa Florida

The Supercomputing 2006 is here as so is TechwareLabs. The Supercomputing show gathers together vendors with products pertaining to supercomputing from around the globe. Some of the larger names attending SC06 are Intel, Microsoft, AMD, SGI, Hitachi, Tyan, Cisco, Sun Microsystems, and Cray. According to websters online a supercomputer is a very fast, powerful mainframe computer, used in advanced military and scientific applications. While the term Mainframe may bring up a massive single PC, the definition os a supercomputer today might surprise you. Not only are supercomputers shrinking but they are also more and more commonly comprised of several PC's linked together in what is known as a cluster. This method has made supercomputers smaller and cheaper while maintaining or increasing the capability of these powerhouses.

TechwareLabs is here at SC06 even now and we bring you a first few looks at the technology being displayed for supercomputing.


Those with a careful eye will spot Nvidia's coveted super high end graphics unit with more video processing power than 10 quad SLI machines. Its nicknamed the Nvidia Quadro. The care is in there just because you cannot have a computer show without hot cars being present, it's like a rule of the universe or something.


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