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AMD Tech Tour 2007

Author:  Jason Jacobs
Date:  2007.04.11
Topic:  Events
Provider:  TechwareLabs
Manufacturer:  TechwareLabs

AMD/Microsoft Tech Tour 2007:

The AMD Tech Tour has traditionally been the method through which AMD has touched base with the reseller community to show new products and enable their resellers to sell AMD products easier. The Tech Tour is as much for informative purposes as it is for gathering feedback and promotional purposes. The event, which is held in several major cities throughout the United States, consists of largely marketing presentations and information presentations on the latest that AMD and its event partners has to offer. These events can draw as many as 500+ attendees who represent the reseller, system builder, and IT crowd. Typically AMD tries to "WOW" the crowd with events, excitement, and humor... Did I forget to mention the free stuff and Tour Bundle?

Let the "WOW" start now:

Different from previous years, the 2007 Tech Tour has been co-branded with Microsoft which does make a certain sense as Vista is such a huge motivator in the hardware industry right now due to the requirments to run the OS. The theme for the night was the "ultimate" experience, one which I can say I am still searching like most consumer for. Presentations were plagued by technical problems, slided with mis-spelled words, questionable information presented as facts.

At one point the representative from Microsoft all but explicitly said to ignore the minimum requirements for Vista as shown above and that the minimum requirements were really the recommended requirements. Does this mean that in order to have a decent user experience you need 2GB of ram? Yes . . . the answer from the Microsoft representative was that 2GB was really needed for Vista. For those that believe everything in print from MS you might want to start adjusting our outlook on Vista now.

Lets talk about the Good the Bad and the Ugly:


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