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Dual Core on a Budget

Author:  Vu Le
Date:  2006.04.09
Topic:  Hardware
Provider:  Multiple
Manufacturer:  Multiple


In this day and age with expensive processors, what is a man or woman on a dual core budget to do? Intel and AMD’s top offerings are out of reach for mainstream audiences. Their midrange options also seem a bit out of touch for the lowly college student or casual websurfer/mp3 ripper. Intel first came to fruition with their 800 series dual core processors aimed at the mainstream and it was quite impressive, as there was no competition on hand. Then AMD drops a bomb with their X2 dual core processors and made Intel’s new dual core chip appear like it was duct taped together. Apparently, it was. They tried to rectify the situation by releasing the 900 series, which was a great improvement in power consumption over their 800 series. In doing so, it dropped the prices of the 800 series. Not to be outdone by themselves, Intel drops another bargain bombshell - the Pentium D 805. Finally, a dual core chip for those on a dual core budget.

Let's take a closer look ....

Processor Frequency 2.66 GHz
CPUID String
Package Type 775 pin
Core Voltage
Bus Speed 533 MHz
Thermal Guideline
Core Stepping B0
Thermal Spec
Core Stepping 2 MB
Manufacturing Technology
90 nm
L2 Cache Speed 2.66 GHz
Bus/Core Ratio
Intel (EM64T) Yes
Execute Disable Bit Feature (NX) Yes
Intel SpeedStep

The main difference between the 805 and it's older siblings is the lower front side bus, frequency and lack of SpeedStep.

Can this gimped out 533mhz FSB newborn take on the spoiled superstar?

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