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Hard Knocks of Orlando Update

Author:  Jason Jacobs
Date:  2007.07.09
Topic:  Other

Hard Knocks Orlando Sports Combat


Note: Make sure to check out our Action Video Footage.

Combat with a Tech Edge

Imagine playing counter strike with real guns, running around csoffice looking for the enemy with one of six different weapons. Each weapon has unique firing characteristics and you have to lug it around. There's no room for bunny hopping here, no strafing, no jumping around or cheating the system. You just became target #1 and theres an entire team looking to shoot you on site. You play in an actual office space complete with cubicles, desktops, doors, windows, and real office sounds. Of course its an office of an evil company under seige and you are smack dab in the middle of the sirens and gunfire. If you see the muzzle flash, its probably game over. Your gun keeps track of your lives, rounds, clips, and hits. If you hear a scream you've been shot. Oh and theres no way to turn off friendly fire here so watch your shooting. Hard Knocks of Orlando gives its customers a pure shot of 150% adrenaline with a chaser of gunfire. There are bombs to dismantle and place, there are lives to save, there are mines to watch out for, and don't let the mood lighting or sounds get in the way of your job.

The technology that comes together to enable Hard Knocks of Orlando to accomplish this feat is amazing stuff. Its a combination of all the best aspects of airsoft, paintball, and laser tag, but with a modern day twist. The combat floor is equipped with night vision cameras that will allow anyone not engaged against the evil company Disavow to watch from the comfort of recliners and suede couches. The arena is wired for sound and networked to allow for situational changes and the utmost in realism. Its so realistic in fact that they have gotten the attention of local, state, and country law enforcement who all want to arrange time in what could be one of the best training tools the law enforcement has.

This Isin't Laser Tag or Paintball

The equipment uses IR and the guns are finely tuned for accuracy. Some fire fast and wild, while others are slower but more accurate. Theres even a sniper rifle with pinpoint accuracy for the AWP lovers out there. This means that you can forget the run n' gun attitude of your favorite pc game. If you run around guns blazing it will be game over real quick. Strategy and silence become your best assets, as does your ability to think ahead and use teamwork. This means there are no one man hero's here. Just like in real life if you dont work together as a team you simply die alone. The guns emit sound when you fire as well as a bright muzzle flash which again means that campers are likely to be found and eliminated. So your best strategy is to take your shot and move with a purpose.

During our experiences at Hard Knocks of Orlando we found that the staff was able to run the matches while being nearly unnoticed and never in the way. Adrenaline pumping I dodged around corners and exchanged fire with many of the patrons only to die in each match I've played in. It would be nice to survive once.

What is DISAVOW?

We expect this is a question that will gain momentum over time. Disavow is the brainchild of Hard Knocks owner Joe Wheeler and truely sets Hard Knocks of Orlando apart from any other combat sport in existance. Disavow is a company, an evil company, and its the setting of all of your engagements with the enemy. While details of Disavow are sketchy at best and on purpose, one thing is clear, they are up to no good with a capital G and armor piercing rounds. Think of yourself as SWAT called in on a crime scene with hostile forces still occupying the facility. Your job is to go in and pacify all hostiles. Of course the hostiles are packing just as good as you are, and the company is like OMNI Corp, which means you could run across mines, bombs, and hostages which may or may not be friendly.

Disavow has taken over a life of its own on the following website: (Wonder what the numbers at the top stand for?)

Currently Planned Missions Include:

Joe informs us that they will be fine tuning all aspects of game play and combat over time to ensure that everyone gets the best experience.

Really Combat, Really Now, Really Live. Take a look at our video for some live action.

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