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Ozone Radon Opto Mouse Review

On the heels of our recent Computex visit in Taipei, we have some new products to review, one of which is a brand called Ozone Gaming Gear. Taking a peek at their website, they sell many gaming peripherals such as mice, keyboards and headsets. In this particular article, we will be reviewing their Radon Opto wired USB gaming mouse. Now I have to be honest, brand wise, this was a new one on me. Doing some research online, it appears this is a popular brand over in Europe, but their products are available for sale here in the states.

CES2012 – ACCELL Connecting you

Accell, a provider of premium audio/video and computer accessories, exhibited several new products during CES 2012 which included a USB 2.0 Micro-B to HDMI cable for MHL, the UltraRun Pro HDMI Cables, and the UltraAV USB 2.0 to HDMI Audio and Video Adapter and the UltraVideo USB 2.0 to DVI-I or VGA Video Adapter.

CES 2012 – ZOTAC Vapor-change Cooling

This year at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show ZOTAC featured…

CES 2012 – Awesome Cars and Vehicles Gallery

We've compiled a gallery of the coolest cars we've seen at CES 2012 this year. Check in and have a look.

CES 2012 – SeedTronic

SEEDTRONIC made an appearance at CES2012 to show off their prototype laptop labeled "seedbook," which features dual screens.

CES 2012 Booth Babes Day 3

We plan to get your day warmed up with our day 3 booth babes gallery direct from the parties and show floor of CES 2012. Sit back and enjoy the hot babes captured just for you.