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CES Unveiled – InWin

Anyone that has ever gone to a LAN party and brought their computer knows that size is everything. We always bring a computer that we can show off to our friends, or try to bring a computer that looks like crap and out performs everything else there. InWin has heard our cries for help I this category and announced a computer that is so unbelievably small that it is only about 2-3in longer than a 5870, yet it can fit two of them inside. It can accommodate a micro-ATX motherboard, and may be able to handle a full ATX by the time it hits production.

This case is set to hit production by May 2010. The case has yet to be named, and InWin may open up a contest to name it, so stay tuned.

Another cool thing that InWin had on display was a portable hard drive that used an RFID tag to unlock the drive for use. Without the tag, the drive is rendered useless. This is something that you may not ever need to use, but it’s a handy feature in terms of security. This drive is also themed like most of the other InWin lineup, militaristic looking. This particular drive enclosure looks like a ten round magazine for an AR-15. Who knows, maybe you can actually store it in place of one so no one will find it.

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