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skav2 04-22-2009 10:22 PM

Laptop decisions of '09 by skav2
Well since I am going to be attending college in the fall I have decided to go laptop for moving around. I was thinking of maybe buying straight from the company to customize what I want in the computer but I have learned from you and from some people at best buy *though I never liked AMD in the first place* that intel runs smoother than AMD and in fact I have experienced this. So I think I'm going to go with a centrino 2 if I am able to downgrade somethings in it. THinkin of a centrin 2, 512md dedicated video maybe geforce or nvidia if possible, 4g ram, 160g memory (7200 rpm maybe*, idk if i can choose mobo, 15.1in display, wifi and other laptop essentials.

If i can't get a centrino 2 because of the price I'm thinking about a Intel core 2 duo 2.5mhz and a 4-6mb l2. and 800 mhz other w/e that means *going to look that up soon =P* I dont really know alot of processors but Thanks "AWorthyOpponent" and whoever helped/helps me with my computer investments.

Im keeping this thread alive but I think im going to change it to a laptop one.

If you guys/girls can help me out it would be much appreciated. Many Thanks!

TheWickerMan 04-25-2009 06:52 PM

If you buy straight from the company (like HP or Dell), you will have more customization options, but you will be slightly limited in warranty options. I don't know how important the warranty is to you or not. Centrino 2 is not actually a specific chip but a term covers a particular combination of mainboard chipset, mobile CPU and wireless network interface in the design of a laptop. Either way, you will still be getting a Core 2. Unless you can't live without a laptop the first few months of fall semester, I would try and wait until October, as that is when Intel is supposedly releasing their new line of laptop processors. Regardless, I would try and wait until August as that's when they have all of the back to school specials on laptops and you can usually get an amazing deal then.

It really depends what you plan on using the laptop for. Whether it's general to moderate gaming or just note taking and web surfing. It can make a big difference as to what is best for your needs.

skav2 04-25-2009 11:05 PM

I see your point in waiting. Sometimes I get too rapped up in my eagerness to get something that I don't think. Thanks for the info you've been a great help. My main purpose for the computer is most likely going to be for independent projects I will do, next priority is school work and having the speed I need to get what I want done and fast* decently large scale programs, projects etc.* and moderate gaming. What I am really looking for is a speedy computer for its price. I'll wait till school time comes around to get it because it is true about the "back to school" sales being very cost effective but I don't know if Intel releasing the new processor will bring the other *lesser* processors lower in price by the time I need a laptop. Hopefully it will.

I know centrino 2 is a dual core and it's a bit faster, but what is speed of processors without the rest of the computer being good? So I will take your advice and put some time on making my decision and wait for the deals to start coming so I can save money then rather than wasting $200 extra now for what I can get in october.

Much appreciated Wicker *lol sounds wrong* EDIT - Much appreciated TheWickerMan~ I'll post some more around here if I need to and thanks your help.

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