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Default TBreak reviews Gigabyte's ATI 9800

Tbreak has posted a review of the 9800:

"With the release of GeForce4, we saw some companies moving away from nVidia, even though the GF4 was the fastest GPU at its time. Technology was clearly not the reason why some of these companies moved away from nVidia but lets not get into that. One such company that moved away from nVidia was Gigabyte and their only reasonable alternate was ATI. Call it a matter of luck or whatever you want, but ATI made an excellent comeback with their 9700 GPU while nVidia's FX5800 was mega late and a disappointment. Today, we take a look at Gigabyte's latest card based on a tweaked up 9700 GPU that ATI released a few weeks back- the Radeon 9800 PRO which features higher clock and memory speeds."

Full Article here.
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