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Websense seems to be getting a bit smarter from when I was in high school. But remote desktop can be used to connect to a machine over the internet. You just have to make sure you forward the ports on your router to allow it. Then you just connect using your home IP (sites like will tell you what it is). You can also transfer files when using remote desktop, there's a little check box in the settings that offers to link the clipboard (used for copying and pasting) and linking the local drives and other resources (like printers and usb ports). File download will only be as quick as your home machine can upload. This isn't always a bad thing as long as you're not trying to download multi gig files and have a decent internet connection at home.

As far as I know, most (if not all) vnc programs will allow you to connect via an IP address. You would just have to put in your home IP and make sure port forwarding is set up. Even if Websense somehow manages to block your IP address, a lot of times if you call up your ISP and say that you're worried about hackers accessing your stuff they will change your IP for you. Not to mention my IP sometimes changes by itself once a month or so, all depends on their system.
There's always a workaround........
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