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Default Another option - depending how bad you really want to bypass the filter

You could setup an SSH server at your home, port forward the specified port on the ssh server (22 default ssh port) to the server (if you are using NAT). Once the ssh server has been configured to allow the IP range you will be connecting from (school, work, etc...) you will now be able to connect back to your home via the ssh server. So now you will have to download at work or school a program called PuTTY which is free. Once you have putty on your PC open it and configure the tunnel. Check out this site "" more info on setting up the tunnel in PuTTY. Once you have the tunnel setup in PuTTY you then configure IE or browser of choice. Goto tool>internet options>connections>lan settings then uncheck the auto detect settings, and then check the proxy server box. You will now be able to fill in the box with and the port which you specified while creating a tunnel in PuTTY. Next click on advanced and in the box for exceptions you will need to enter "; localhost " without the " 's. Click on ok to close the windows out, and you will now be using your home internet connection to browse the web through an ssh tunnel bypassing any filter your network admins apply to the network. They can't even see what you are doing with sniffers since its all going through an ssh tunnel.

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