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Old 04-01-2009, 09:44 PM
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Default TechwareLabs attracts Hatemail from real April Fool

I just can't make this kind of stuff up. BTW if any of you took our article literally you might want to follow the advice given to Michael.


Ya you all are complete faggots. I don't understand how you can play a
joke such as that and get away with it. Sure you helped business's get
more money but in the long run you lied and caused panic. IMO you should
all be in jail for this kind of joke. Sure it was possible for it to be a
joke but virus's aren't a joke so why would you joke about that. Me being
a computer expert I have all my updates and virus protection but you made
people like my boss and people that come to my work waste money on virus
protection because they were afraid AVG wouldn't stop it. Thanks to you
now I may get yelled at for making them waste your money. Ever think
about that douche bag. It's kinda like the saying "think before you
speak" maybe you should have done that. Anyways it may not have been your fault for this virus but the company you work for is responsible and they should be ashamed of themselves.

I request my information to be held privately and anonymously.

I suggest you lean back and pop a valium (in your case maybe 2). There is no place in our entire article that we suggest that the masses go out and purchase the latest virus protection. Also if you are a so called "computer expert" and your boss got a panic attack from our article then Im sorry but your company is doomed. BTW just a comment from the "How to win friends and influence people book" dont start an e-mail by calling the recipient faggots as this most likely won't make them receptive. In the end I suggest you might want to take a vacation from the your CRT screen and go see what sunlight looks like again. May want to make sure your virus def's are up to date before you take your break otherwise you could catch conficker and as we all know that will lead to global thermalnuclear war.
Buh Bye.
The Staff at TWL

The devil on my shoulder told mI should post Michael's e-mail address but then I could visualize the headlines the following day: Man dies of heart attack after learning his e-mail address went into the wrong hands. In other news his PC was clean and Global Thermal Nuclear war has not broken out.
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