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Corsair Vengeance LP White PC3-12800 8GB Kit Review

During Computex we saw that Corsair announced that they were expanding the line of Vengeance series with the introduction of the new LP models, or Low Profile. Alongside the introduction of new low profile heatsinks, we saw them expand the color range. Alongside the typical black that we’ve come to see from most companies, a Blue and White heatsink was also implemented.

The kit itself isn’t anything too extreme when it comes to the speed side of things. If anything, it’s a very main stream 8GB kit with its default 1600MHz DDR clock. On the timings front, we’ve got a 9-9-9-24 setup at an extremely low 1.35v. As for the CAS rating, in CPU-Z the memory section tells us it’s 2T, but initially I wasn’t sure, so when setting the kit up for the first time I set it to 1T and we didn’t run into any problems at all. You can see that in our CPU-Z validation. Up and running in Windows, it was time to check out the performance we could get.

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