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CyberPowerPC Gamer Xtreme Si


CyberPower Gamer Extreme Si


Some of the hottest game titles on the market today require the hottest hardware to play them.  This can get rather pricey, with video cards costing $250 or more.  Have no fear though, as the fine people at CyberPowerPC have both speedy computers and your wallet in mind.  We introduce to you, the Gamer Xtreme Si.

Why Buy Pre-Built?

Five years ago, it was not only badass to build your own rig, but it was also very cost effective.  Leet haXors could build their computers for hundreds less than branded computers, and spent the extra cash in hot video cards and sweet gaming headsets.  Now, the computer industry has caught on, and is pricing PCs cheaper and cheaper.  Branded quad core rigs can now be purchased for hundreds less than whitebox computers, and the public does so without hesitation.

So why buy pre-built?  Well, you can customize many rigs these days, and companies like CyberPowerPC will even go to the trouble of installing an OS for you.  Now it’s time to sit back and buckle up, and see what CyberPowerPC can do for you.  Today, TechwareLabs looks at the NEW CyberPowerPC Gamer Xtreme Si.

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  1. Cool post, just subscribed. You guys Rock!

  2. I literally priced out the parts IN the review….page 2. The parts came to $1944.93 from, without the cyberpower t-shirt and accessory bag. Add in the fact that cyberpower saved us the time of building the rig, installing an OS, AND overclocking…I think this is a pretty sweet deal.

    As for combinations going, yes you can do whatever combinations you want, and I probably would have put an 850W power supply in the Gamer Xtreme Si myself. When you pick out parts to build a rig, you generally pick them out on the same performance and price brackets – you don’t want to put rims on a Jalopy. If I were to build a Core i7 rig, this is EXACTLY the parts I would have used, except I would have used a WD or Seagate HDD, and a bigger PSU.

  3. Although quite a bit of hassle can be taken out of the equation by buying a rig pre-built, it is still far more cost effective as well as smart to buy one’s own parts and put them together. Many different combinations of not only Hardware capabilities, but also visual and Aesthetic looks can be put together in any shape imaginable, and learning the neccesary things isn’t all of that difficult. One with dedication and saying that they do work hard enough for the money for one of these high end rigs, would have no trouble looking up the neccesary knowhow in order to build one from scratch, plus the money saved can go to buying better parts for the same price as something of this sort prebuilt. Match up the parts on or even and then come back and see how much you’ve saved, I can almost gaurantee it will always be in the hundreds, and the higher end it is, the higher the savings. A google search will give you a very good fundamental guide to the process.

  4. Bob,

    Here’s the response you were looking for from CyberPowerPC:

    “We’ve been swamped with the Windows 7
    upgrade for the past 24 hours and have not had a chance to update the
    configurator for the Gamer Xtreme SI.

    We will be working on getting this updated as soon as possible. Thanks for
    the heads up.”

  5. Bob,

    This is strange. I’ll contact CyberPowerPC and return with a statement on the matter.

  6. That’s strange, I go to their website, and bring up the Gamer Xtreme-SI and it’s $1699
    The Default PSU is 680 Watts Power Supplies (SLI/CrossFire Ready Power Supply). I don’t even see the Corsair 650W available so I’ll just add the 750W version which is +$71
    Overclocking isn’t included in that price either. +$90
    The default motherboard is the UD3R and not the UD4P +$69
    Then the memory isn’t Corsair Dominator by default another +$36
    Then finally the Blu-Ray player by default is Lite-On and not the LG another +$13
    That brings the acutally price for the system you reviewed to $1978.00.
    So that’s still a good price seeing how it’s already put together but that’s along way from the $1699 price from the system you reviewed.
    I’m a little worried that they advertise the system here like that for $1699 but you go to their site and it’s about $250 more to get that system. I’m hoping they will fix the pricing soon?

  7. haha midnight madness….no pun intended right?

  8. Awesome Machine. .. Now I have to start saving for one of these myself. Gotta say the case and wiring job did it for me. Black on Black, I would name mine MIDNIGHT MADNESS!

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