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tovythomas 05-20-2011 12:29 PM

Hard Drive clicking
I have a dell optiplex 780 that is less than a year old that started having some slow login issues. After reformating the hard drive and still having the same issues, I noticed that the last time it slowed down,(15-20 min to get into Windows) there is a hard drive clicking noise. This doesn't happen at every login so I can't say for sure. It seems to happen most in the morning after the machine has been off for several hours.

The machine runs Windows 7 with a SATA hard drive. Any ideas of a way I can verify if it is the hard drive. Running a chkdsk now and almost done with no errors.

(Yes, I am going to call support, but the clicking is not currently happening so I'm afraid of the support I'll get).

Ilya 05-22-2011 03:25 PM

There's no way to verify for certain short of replacing the hard. From what you've described it certainly does sound like hdd.
Last thing you can try is on every first boot up of the day always start into "Safe mode" and see if it changes anything. Perhaps you might have driver conflict, unlikely but possible. If you didn't install any drivers after reformatting and this still happens I'd say this is symptomatic of HDD failures.

julia15 09-24-2012 05:58 AM

One unfortunately common problem is data corruption on a hard drive and the dreaded “Unmountable Boot Volume” error. Many people feel they are forced to format the drive and start from scratch in this situation. However, frequently there is a better way of save your installation, as long as you have the installation media available. Directions for both XP and Windows 7 included.

If you receive the “unmountable boot volume” error and have an installation disk, you still have a chance to save your system.

hadriya9091 01-18-2013 11:18 AM

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sugerland 02-01-2013 10:19 PM

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Some days ago i also faced this same kinds of problem. When I was browsing the internet suddenly got the load shading . After come back the electricity the computer doesn't start and says the same error. If you it has done with you then my advice is reinstall the operating system of repair it. because i got the shoved with this idea.
Thank you.

brightstar 04-09-2015 08:13 AM

You should try it one time that if you didn't install any drivers after reformatting and this still happens I'd say this is symptomatic of HDD failures.

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