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Question How can you tell if the CPU or Motherboard is bad?

hey guys.

new to the forum, just signed up. i have a desktop at home that i need to check. the problem is that the fans are spinning, but don't get no *beep* and the system does not boot into POST. actually i'm not getting anything on my display -no signal-

i've tried booting up without any peripherals, only PSU, mobo and ram stick. nothing. at first glance, do you think that the cpu fried or the motherboard died?

the mobo in question is an ECS G31T-M7, cpu is an Intel Celeron 1.8GHz, psu is a 400W.

i dont have an intel system i can cross test with and i'm not planning on buying new parts just to test it for my uncle... though i was considering it

if you guys think of anything about this issue, had such an encounter before, i look forward to your experience and wisdom LOL
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