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Here's the thing. You are still booting from HDD. The message you are getting should NOT be present with clean HDD. The reason You had BSoD from another HDD is because SW on it is configured for different HW.

Here are my suggestions
1) Make sure your CD is set with higher priority to your HDD in BIOS (obviously) then press the keys that worked in BIOS(arrows, enter etc). Or simply put both your palms on the keyboard and press all buttons , just makes to do it quickly enough when "Press any key to boot from CD" prompts. If this doesn't work try plugging in a USB keyboard and set your BIOS to support USB input peripherals. This might not be available in older BIOS, but still give it a try even if it's not.

2) Get the HDD out of your 10$ comp put it in Averatec, and run from CD. See if that works. If it does, than maybe your keyboard is not functioning properly on the 10$ computer AND your HDD was not formatted properly. So format it on Averatec computer, do a thorough format.

3) Try using a different OS, download free Linux and burn an image. Again, try with different keyboard.

P.S. To answer your question. NTLDR is a software issue on OS side. I believe it's only required when OS is somehow detected on HDD. BIOS is software as well, it is what starts the OS amongst multiple other things. So by resetting CMOS you basically reset BIOS's memory which contains some OS data, time, date etc. However if the BIOS itself is old it might not matter if the CMOS is cleared or not.

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