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Default Low Cost Connections through VPN

As a company grows it will expand its physical positioning across a number of areas. All the employees working in these different branches will need an effective, fast and secure method by which they can communicate with one another and share data. In addition to this,the employees who are on the site or working at home or travelling will also need to access the company resources. All these can be achieved by a VPN Service.

A VPN or Virtual Private network can be defined as a private network which uses the internet or any other private network to connect users together. It uses virtual connections to connect the office network to the user’s network. The data is usually encrypted and the employees will need a PIN code to enter to the network. Anyone who tries to enter into the network form outside only sees a list of encrypted data.

The first technology that is used to establish connections between remote users is called a Leased Line. Some telecommunication companies used to give rented connections to offices located at distant areas.
They provided an effective and secure way of communication. But the main problem is the cost aspect. In addition to this, since the offices are connected by a physical medium, the chances for damages are larger. Offices which lie between strong geographical barriers cannot be connected using Leased Lines.

Now as the cost of internet is very much lowered no one opts for leased lines any more. VPN service provides a faster and low cost alternative.
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