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GE Chic 13 inch On-Lap Monitor



There have been some major advancements in mobile technology in the past few years. The one area that has been severely lacking is screen space. Consumers are faced with a difficult decision of sacrificing screen size for portability and weight. There have been some promising projects but as of yet I have not seen any multiple monitor laptops hit the market. Where there is a problem there will inevitably be a solution.

Ge Chic has released the On-Lap Monitor to address this problem.

On- Lap Monitor brings the good things in pair(s):
What you see is what you get. The more you see, the more you get. So let’s broaden the skyline of the display. You will find it’s so easy to elevate your superiority. Upgrade your laptop as dual display by installing On-Lap Monitor, and your dual-monitor laptop is free to go everywhere. Get dual monitor, gain the win-win experience.
Double the desk, Twice the efficiency. On-Lap monitor can be reaped in both business and life. To experience the miracle of dual monitors, just make a move!



The concept is very simple so the manufacturer didn’t feel the need to go into any further clarification to describe the product. I am admittedly apprehensive of this though, the idea of essentially sticking another piece of tech on my laptop doesn’t warm my heart. Duct taping a speakerphone in your card doesn’t give you Bluetooth in stereo.

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