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Using Office 2007 to Save in Office 2003 Format

Author:  Michael Lynch
Date:  2007.09.06
Topic:  Misc Mod
Provider:  TechwareLabs
Manufacturer:  TechwareLabs

Using Office 2007 to Save in Office 2003 Format

During one of my classes today we were discussing how we were suppose to post our resumes and other word documents online, so that our peers could read over them and critique them for us.  A student in the class raised her hand and told the teacher that from the ones currently posted online, there were a few in which she was unable to open.  After a few moments of talking and discussing this problem, we came to the conclusion that roughly half of the class was using the new Microsoft Office 2007, in which when you save a document it uses a whole new file extension called .docx, compared to the older .doc extension.  To solve the problem that some students could not open the newer formats there were a few options.  The first option required the students using the older version of Word, to download a converter that would change the file from the new file extension to the older extension.  The other option was that for the students using the newer version of word, they could just save that same file as a .doc instead of the default .docx.  From these two options it seemed that for the each student to download the converter was going to be too much of a hassle, so we decided to go with choice number two.  After we had decided, a few students then raised their hands and asked how they save their existing document into the older format.  So the rest of this guide will show you how to do exactly that.

This procedure will also work with all of the other Office programs and includes Word, Excel, Power Point, and Access. Many of you have probably already experienced this problem, so we hope this helps.

                As you may have seen already when you are looking through windows explorer ( my computer ), you will have noticed that all of your Microsoft Word 2007 files are using a new file extension, .docx.  Unfortunately, when saving a document in this new extension older versions of Word or other programs doesn’t recognize the .docx extension as a word file and are unable to open it.  So in order to save the file as the older .doc format, you will need to first open Microsoft Office 2007 and open the document you wish to change.

                Once you have opened them, click on the Office Button in the top left corner of office and then click on “Save As”.  When that is open you should see a new window looking like the one in the following picture.

                At this point you will notice that the there is a field just beneath the text field where you enter the file name which it titled “Save as type:”. You are going to want to click the down arrow on the right side of that bar and a list of various file types will be listed.

You are going to want to choose the type “Word 97-2003 Document (*.doc)”.  This will now save your file as a .doc file type. 

                Once you have clicked the correct file type, you are going to want to click save.  Now you have successfully saved your file as a .doc file type which is able to be read by nearly all word processors.  Now if you choose to look into Windows Explorer you will notice that there is the original file with the .docx file type and then newer one which you just saved with the .doc file type.

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