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Hornettek Fantasy Media Player @ Review the Tech

Ah the countless jokes that come to mind over this.  It really begs the question if anyone stopped a moment to think about product naming before they put the label on the box. 

The media player market has exploded over the past few years if you didn’t notice and it seems you can find then with just about every option imaginable.There are times though when you don’t want or need all those options, you just want something basic that is easy to use and plays your media like its supposed to.  Today for review I’ve got the Hornettek Fantasy HD media player that’s small and portable, very easy to use but yet it will play most any type of media file out there today. The Fantasy offers HDMI or composite connection along with SPDIF for optical if you want to go that route. The Fantasy doesn’t use a hard drive, you can use either a USB drive or memory card to get your media to your TV making life that much simpler. Let’s check it out…

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Stay tuned for our review of this product shortly.

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