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Privacy Policy

Thanks for your interest; we’re big fans of privacy, too! Unfortunately, the Internet is a pretty tangled web (pun intended) of sites and services, and the convenience and features some of them provide often outweighs the desire to keep your laws off my body keep your cookies off my computer. As such, we make no particular claims about the third-party content that’s loaded on our site, other than to note that it’s almost assuredly using cookies and other means to track what you’re looking at and probably target advertising at you. (Sorry.)

What we can make claims about, however, is our own retention and use of your data. It falls into two general categories:

  • Standard web info: Whenever you visit a web page, you (via your web browser) necessarily have to provide some information to our server like your IP address; this commonly also includes a description of what browser and operating system you’re using and how you arrived at our site. As is standard practice for virtually all web sites, we do log this information for diagnostic and statistical purposes—we want to know which pages are popular, how people are using the site, and what problems are encountered. We don’t do anything nefarious (or, frankly, anything at all) with this data beyond those statistical and diagnostic uses.
  • User account info: You have the option to create an account on our site and/or subscribe to a mailing list, etc. If you do share such information with us, it may be stored in an unencrypted manner, but is only used for the purposes laid out when you entered the information (e.g. if you sign up for a mailing list, we might email you; if you enter your email address when registering an account, we may use it to assist in resetting your password or sending you notifications you request).

Aside from any valid legal inquiries as required by law, we don’t share any of the information we collect with any third parties, affiliates, partners, etc. While we take reasonable measures to prevent unauthorized access to your data, we can’t promise that we’re smarter than determined hackers or better protected than Sony, Target, AshleyMadison, VBulletin, the NSA, or any of the other targets of successful hacking, exploits or unauthorized data exfiltration. This is the unfortunate reality of the world we live in.

Please feel free to contact us if you have additional questions or concerns.