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FSP Group Everest 900 Watt Power Supply

Author:  Jack Wells
Date:  2008.10.01
Topic:  Audio
Provider:  FSP Group
Manufacturer:  FSP Group

FSP Group Everest 900 Watt Power Supply

FSP Group Everest 900









The FSP Group Everest 900 is a solid power supply that is aimed at the gaming community.  After all, who needs 900 watts to run their E-machine?  Anyways, the Everest 900 is a stylish piece of equipment with a modular design so you get exactly as much clutter as you need.  The Everest 900 also boasts a large 120mm fan designed to keep the power supply within operating tolerances quietly.

The Everest 900 offers every feature you could want from a power supply including active power factor correction and a high operating efficiency allowing you to use your power hungry components as efficiently as possible.  Speaking of power hungry components, the Everest 900 comes with four 12V rails and all of the PCI-E/SATA connectors you could ever need.  All this for a reasonable price; it won’t break your bank, but it’s not exactly cheap either. Let’s see if the performance justifies the price starting with an in depth look at what this particular power supply has to offer.

Specifications and Features

From FSP Group:

  • Compliant with Intel Core 2 Extreme & AMD Athlon 64, Phenom series
  • ATX 12V V2.2 ready & EPS 12V V2. 92   
  • 4-Channel 12V Rails Design  
  • Meets 80PLUS 
  • High Efficiency >85% 
  • Supports SLI & Crossfire highest rendering VGA Cards
  • Supports high-end PCI-E & SATA power-connector
  • Environmentally Friendly PSU with Active PFC
  • Energy Saving on Standby Mode<1W  
  • 120mm Variable Speed Fan with Ultra Low Noise  
  • Super Low Nosie 21 dB<20% loading (Silent Guard) 
  • Full Range Input with Complete Protection (OVP;OCP;SCP)
  • True Total Power
FSP Group Everest 900
Supports the full range of ATX motherboards.
FSP Group Everest 900
Active power factor correction that moves the real power consumption / reactive power consumption ratio to .99
If you don't know what this means just know that it saves you money.
FSP Group Everest 900
Supports a wide range of motherboards, even with non-standard connectors.
FSP Group Everest 900
Energy efficient power supply.
FSP Group Everest 900
PCI-E plugs, saving you from using up multiple molex connectors.
FSP Group Everest 900
Four full 12V rails, for those with even an absurd number of hard drives.
FSP Group Everest 900
Direct SATA connectors.
FSP Group Everest 900
120mm fan that keeps your power supply cool and your room quiet.
FSP Group Everest 900
The large 120mm keeps the power supply quiet. This lets your other components remind you about how annoying their fans are.
FSP Group Everest 900
Easy to use Molex connectors that don't require a lot of force to unplug.
FSP Group Everest 900
Stylish cable sleves that help keep the clutter in your case down.
FSP Group Everest 900
I have no idea why this matters. Rest assured if your kid pokes a paper clip into this power supply he'll be safe...
FSP Group Everest 900
The power button is lit up in the back to help you find the power switch in the dark. This is a life-saver.
FSP Group Everest 900
Stylish deep blue case.

Straight from their site:

Efficiency 85%
Input  Voltage 100-240 VAC
Frequency 50Hz - 60Hz
PFC   Active
Power Provided 900W
Over-Current  Protection V
Over-Voltage  Protection V
Short-Circuit  Protection V
Line Type Main connector 20+4PIN
4Pin+12V Power Connector 4PIN/8PIN
4Pin Floppy Connector 1
S-ATA Connector 9
4Pin Connector 6
PCI-Express Connector 6PIN*2,6+2PIN*2
Case Color BLUE
Chassis Fan 120mm
Noise <21 dBA 
Form Factor ATX 12V 2.2,EPS 12V V2 .92
Safety Approval UL, CSA, TUV, CB, CE, FCC, VDE
Dimensions(LxWxH)mm 165*150*86

On the next page we take a closer look at the packaging, power supply, and installation.

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