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Solio Hybrid Solar Charger H1000

Author:  Dan Shannon
Date:  2008.05.13
Topic:  PowerSupply
Provider:  Solio
Manufacturer:  Solio

Hybrid Solar Charger H1000


Have you ever been out and had your cell phone die on you? Wouldn't it be great if there was a charger that you could carry around with you to charge your electronic devices that you didn't have to connect to the wall? The developers at SOLIO have thought this through and developed their own Hybrid Solar Charger. The H1000 is considered a hybrid because it runs off of not only the solar panels, but also has batteries that store energy for devices that take more energy. Unfortunately this device is really more of a battery back up than a "solar charger". Read on to see the results from product testing.

SOILO's Take 

"When on the go power for your gadgets is key, plug into the SOLIO Hybrid 1000. This hybrid boasts a powerful solar panel and battery in an incredibly compact and slender case, conveniently geared with a built-in rugged carabiner and cable. The Hybrid 1000 is simple to use. Just clip on, plug in, and charge up!

The Hybrid 1000 accepts power from either the USB port of any computer or the sun and stores this energy within its internal rechargeable battery. SOLIO then uses this energy to power your gadgets at the same rate as if they were plugged into the wall. SOLIO will also hold its charge for up to a year. Simply plug into the sun and charge SOLIO through its solar panel - it's free and green! Or use our Global Wall Adapter to charge from the wall.

SOLIO limits your need to purchase and carry around multiple chargers for all of your gadgets and is your one stop charging solution for all of your products from cell phones and iPods, to digital cameras, game players, and GPS.

To check the compatibility of your device with SOLIO, please visit our Device Compatibility page.

* Performance times may vary slightly depending on type of device and intensity of sunlight."


The SOLIO Hybrid Solar Charger came packaged extremely well. With pressed and molded cardboard holding this lightweight charger in place, there is virtually no chance of damaging this product while shipping. Included in the box is a users manual that even a monkey could understand (more pictures than text). All-in-all, the SOLIO charger was packaged beyond expectations.

Included in the box:

  1. SOLIO H1000 Charger
  2. USB Cable For Charging The SOLIO H1000
  3. Female USB Adapter ((for iPod/MP3...etc...)
  4. Mini USB Adapter (for Motorola Phones, Blackberry, Garmin, etc)
  5. Nokia N-Series Phone Adapter
Front View of Box
Side view showing packaging contents
Rear View of Box Explains The Product
A View of The Other Side
The Decorative sleeve slips off
What you should expect to see upon first opening this product
Heavy Duty, molded cardboard Protects the product
Complete Contents of The Box
Unwrapped Contents of the Box

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