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Samsung L210 Digital Camera

Author:  Kali DeArmit
Date:  2008.11.30
Topic:  Cameras
Provider:  Samsung Camera
Manufacturer:  Samsung Camera

Samsung L210 Digital Camera


samsung L210


In today's high tech digital world, everyone has one of those new fangled digital cameras. The days of running into the dark room or using that nifty old polariod are few and far between. With that being said, it's important to understand the difference between joe schmoe's dinky camera and Samsung's new L210! Boasting the slogan "Style Slimmed to perfection," the L210 promises an image of sophistication. Although it may not look like much, don't let its business card size fool you. The L210 has some awesome user-friendly features that are sure to capture your attention. Let's take a closer look at what the L210 is packin'!


samsung l210

Compared to other members of the L Series, the L210 provides the best of both worlds. With its 10.2 Megapixels and 3x Optical Zoom lens, the L210 provides quality pictures at a relatively low cost. The L210 also comes in three colors: silver, red, and black. The light aluminum metal body also blocks all infrared and ultraviolet rays from entering into the body of the camera, allowing for a better picture. Furthermore, it also boasts a corrosion-resistant body that protects against external shocks and scratches. For the average user, this feature is extremely beneficial. Especially since most camera's look like they went through a war zone after six months of usage.

What's in the Box?

Don't let its tiny packaging fool you! The Samsung L210 is jam packed with fun new features. Following along with the slogan "Style Slimmed to perfection" the cover of the box is nothing fancy, just sheer sophistication. Using only black and white to color the outside of the box, Samsung draws you in with its simple lines and brightly colored cameras.

Samsung L210
Front of box
Samsung L210
Contents of box

Inside the box comes an AC/USB travel charger. I personally love that the AC travel charger detaches to a USB adapter—it's one less cord I have to stuff somewhere! In addition to the charger, there is an RCA cable. This is a nifty little cable that you can plug into any television and view all of your pictures and recorded movies! The L210 stores images, movies and sound clips on either the 10MB of internal memory or on an SD/MMC card up to 2GB, and SDHC cards up to 4GB. Also included in the box is the Samsung International Warranty Certificate, and the Samsung CD-ROM. Included on the CD-ROM is "Samsung Master 1.1", the storage driver, Adobe Reader, and the users manual. Samsung Master allows you to choose any photo that is on your computer, retouch it, change its color, cut it and even make your own custom calendar with it!

One of the more humorous things I found about the Samsung L210 was actually located in the top right hand corner of the box. The sentence reads "Win a Camera!" Now I know I may be the last to catch on to things, but I'm pretty sure if I already own this box, I don't need another camera! Either way, by following the link to (like the insert inside the box says) you can also share your photos, and learn new tips and tricks to taking better pictures!

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