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Tagan El Diablo Advance PC Case

Author:  William Halbyrd
Date:  2008.12.14
Topic:  Cases
Provider:  Tagan
Manufacturer:  Tagan



Tagan is perhaps best known for their line of power supplies, which combine high-performance specs with a flashy, LED-laden presentation that certainly catches the eye. Expanding on this theme, Tagan has come out with a number of cases that combine various levels of flash with generally solid design. Today, Your Humble Reviewer will be taking a look at Tagan's most recent addition to their enthusiast case line, the El Diablo Advance. After we put this case through its paces, you can decide for yourself if the devil you know is better than the devil you don't.

Tagan's Take

The El Diablo Advance inherits the excellent cooling solution from its previous version - Diablo, featuring 4 LED fans and 1 optional fan mount on the rear. The excellent cooling solution with no need of water cooling. The temperature display panel gives the real-time system monitoring. And the on board e-SATA port provides the fast data transferring.

From this, it is fairly obvious that Tagan is aiming this case at the beginning overclocker who isn't quite ready to take the plunge into watercooling.


Here follows a list of highlights, and commentary on each

Feature Comment

Turbo Engine-like Front Fan

One blue illuminated 250mm LED fan on the front. The illuminated A+ logo embedded in the front bezel door. The fan controllers and LED on/off switches are available on both sides of front panel. Seeing the turbo-engine like fan shining in the dark.

Not so sure about "turbo engine-like", but there is certainly a massive intake fan on the front.

World Class Side Fan

The huge, but silent 330mm LED fan on the side covers almost entire motherboard area and intake huge amount of airflow into the system. The side panel is attached with a spaceship-like LED light spot not only brings the scientific imagination but provides excellent air flow and reduce EMI as well.

I have to give them credit, 330mm is certainly the largest fan Your Humble Reviewer has ever seen in a computer case. EMI reduction is more a reference to the mesh grille that covers the side panel, which acts as a Faraday cage.

Huge internal space

  Diablo provides great space for any kind of components, which supports the latest Mother board(up to server size) and GPU as well.

One thing the El Diablo Advance has no shortage of is space.

Tool-less Installation

Simplest installation with smart HDD trays, thumb screws on expansion slots, and rail on optical drives. Put down your screwdrivers! Just put everything in Diablo Advance by hands only. Install drives and cards in couple minutes without problems.

While not truly tool-less, the El Diablo is designed to make common operations like swapping out drives and expansion cards easier, with thumbscrews and snap-in rails where appropriate.

Twin Engine Exhausted Fans

Breaking the traditional thinking, Diablo Advance carries two additional blue LED 180mm fans on the top panel to blow all warm air away. The freely turner can adjust the fan speed. eSATA, Audio I/O, and USB ports are available on the top front with real-time temperature indicator screen. Monitoring the system status on the go.

This is where the Advance differs from the more basic El Diablo. The blank steel plate on top of the base model has been replaced with a panel containing front access ports, a temperature readout, and yet more blue LED-studded fans.


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