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Kingwin KWI-450 Power Supply
Review by David R. Hedges on 04.04.2003

Product provided by: Kingwin
Price: $68 (

Kingwin has established itself as somewhat of a "household name" when it comes to power supplies. What many people might not know, however, is that Kingwin was founded 11 years ago with factories in Taiwan and China. They specialized in mobile racks and CPU coolers--fields in which they lead also the industry today--but have since expanded their company to other products, as well as having established a presence in the U.S.

Power supplies are undisputedly an important necessity for all computer users: without one it'd be quite difficult to run a computer. What many users may not realize, however, is the importance of a power supply with adequate capacity, and high-quality components. The power supply regulates voltages to all components in one's computer, ranging from the CPU to the heatsink fan, from the RAM to the hard drive, from the video card to the sound card, and from the motherboard to the mouse. Without a quality power supply, these components can become damaged or destroyed, and an inadequate power supply can cause stability problems in computers as well.

First Impressions
The packaging of the KWI-450W is practical and efficient. Rather than packaging the power supply with foam cushions or corners, as many products are being packaged now, Kingwin opts for bubble-wrap. Although large quantities of foam and a buffer zone of open space between the side of the box and the object can be highly beneficial for delicate components, the rugged nature of a power supply makes such measures unnecessary. Additionally, the power supply is wrapped in bubble-wrap in such a way that secures the power leads against the side of the unit. This is beneficial, as it helps prevent stress on the wires and their connections, and effectively prevents wear that could occur during shipping.

Front of box Box Contents

Contained within the box, in separate bags, are the power supply, mounting screws and a standard 6' AC power cord. Of particular interest is the absence of a user manual, warranty card, or support information of any kind from the package contents. Except for a manual and screwdriver, everything necessary to set up the power supply is included in the box.


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