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LANCOOL K7: Hybrid Aluminum Case

Author:  Jerry Ashcroft
Date:  2008.01.16
Topic:  Cases
Provider:  LANCOOL
Manufacturer:  LANCOOL

LANCOOL K7: Hybrid Aluminum Case



Everyone who has built their own computer, or looked into parts, or maybe even simply seen a computer, knows the name Lian-Li. Not too many know LANCOOL. When I had this case handed to me, the Metal Boned K7, and I was told to review it, my first though was, "Who is LANCOOL? New brand trying to forge its way into the computer case market?" After seeing the case though, immediately I thought I was looking at a Lian-Li case. I mean, when you see a case that doesn't have an ounce of plastic on it, what manufacturer do YOU think of? Lian-Li is well known for their all aluminum cases. So I did a little research, and found that LANCOOL actually is Lian-Li. ...I think. They are affiliated at the least. LANCOOL's web site says nothing about Lian-Li, but when I opened the box containing this gorgeous case, I found this:


Which, as the observant might notice, are advertisements for LIAN-LI products, not LANCOOL products. If you can make out in my low-res pictures, the top right and top left corners (respectively per picture) have the Lian-Li logo branded on the page.

00 = 000

Whatever the case may be though, the K7 is a nice case. Made with a lightweight but sturdy aluminum casing and a strong steel interior frame, this is a case that can and has supported a fairly large sized person (yes, i did sit on the case, and its a good thing it's a strong case because I, in my infinite wisdom, decided to stress test the case AFTER installing my quad core processor and mobo and geforce 8800...would have made for a VERY expensive failed test). Guess they earned that Strength 40% + slogan.


So, let's start digging into this case.

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