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Arctic Silver 5

Review by Jason Jacobs on 03/11/04
Power Supply Provided by Arctic Silver



Thermal grease is a critical and necessary component of any current computer system. With the release of the Athlon processors up to the Intel Prescott, thermal grease has gained more importance and exposure as a system component that requires attention and consideration. An average user can rely upon the stock thermal pad or silicone grease for average computing for only a short while longer before more advanced means of cooling will become mandatory.

One of the first companies to put forth research and development of a thermal grease with advanced thermally conductive properties was Arctic Silver. Arctic Silver 1 used real silver to deliver real cooling results to the consumer. It was a no-nonsense product that took computing and cooling extremists to the next level.

In the labs today we have a look at Arctic Silvers newest entry into this market, Arctic Silver 5.

Lets see what the specifications are.

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