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GlobalWin Silent Stream

Review by Jason Jacobs on 4/13/04
Water Cooling Kit Provided by Global Win


Water Cooling Introduction:

As everyone knows by now CPU's are heating up at an alarming rate. Keeping them cool has become the preoccupation of many manufacturers and an increasingly larger issue with chip manufacturers. Using water to cool the processor inside a computer is not a new idea, in fact there are several aftermarket kits available to choose from. Some of these kits claim easy installation and performance, but until now all of these "easy" use kits involved either residence in a drive bay, or a design which did not perform well, or produced high noise levels. GlobalWin claims to have solved these issues with its introduction of the Silent Stream product.

Silent Stream uses a more intillegent design than any previously manufactured in its class. Where Silent Stream differs is in the implementation of watercooling. It seems that GlobalWin took notice of the enthusiast crowd designs and created a miniaturized version that used several key factors. These included:

While each of these factors can lead to overall performance gains, lets take a look how they all come together for the Silent Stream.

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