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Heatsink Roundup
Reviewed by James 02.19.2004

Techwarelabs brings you its first major heatsink review for some time. As a new wave of processors are being released, we thought it would be good to update our readers on effective solutions for the newer, even hotter products. The products that qualified for the review came from Cooler Master, Thermalright, OCZ, and Microfins. In addition to providing a review of heatsink cooling solutions, a review of Arctic Silver's new Ceramique thermal compound is included as advances in thermal transfer technologies are passed on to consumer-level products.

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Company Overview

Thermalright specializes in the design and manufacture of a wide array of cooling systems and modules for the information communication technology (ICT) industries. Their CPU cooler line of products is designed with a diverse group of end users in mind; as such, their products are suitable in a variety of markets. Thermalright employs top-notch designers and uses advance testing equipment and processes that meet the stringent testing specifications of Intel and AMD. Their designers and products are ISO-9000 certified. Having produced heatsinks for the PC industry for a number of years, Thermalright has established itself as a top-of-the-line cooling company.

Most who have ever bothered to open their PC have heard the name Cooler Master. Since 1992, Cooler Master has designed, developed, and manufactured a myriad of cooling devices for PCs. Cooler Master is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer. Cooler Master shipped more than 12 million CPU coolers. Total sales revenues reached US 36 million, which was a 50% increase from the previous year. Cooler Master's new product ought to provide a significant challenge to Thermalright's offerings.

Founded in August 2000, OCZ Technology has quickly become a significant competitor in the computer memory market. It prides itself mostly with creating advances in high-speed memory for extreme overclockers. Much of their success in the memory market stems from their use of effective cooling solutions on the memory sticks to maintain the stability of the components. Their success in the memory market, in particular their innovative memory cooling solutions, may lend a help hand in the race for the better heatsink.

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