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JETART - CoolStand 3 Laptop Cooler

Author:  Artiom Bell
Date:  2008.10.13
Topic:  Cooling
Provider:  JETART
Manufacturer:  JETART

JETART - CoolStand 3


While the summer here at TechwareLabs may be over, our laptops are as hot as ever. This is where CoolStand 3 form JETART comes in. Featuring an 80 mm fan that spins up to 2000 RPM along with a plethora of features, the CoolStand will surly knock down a couple of degrees form overall temperature of my laptop as well as "turn" a few heads. Now if you have ever owned and HP TX series laptop, you would know what I am talking about. This thing gets so hot that I can just about use it to boil water. With graphics card temperatures crawling up to 97 C (Boiling point of water is at 100 C) and the processor cores coming in just below at 91 C and 89 C, will this cooler be able to chill my laptop out? Read on and find out.

First Impressions

Looking at front of the box, we can see that the folks at JETART threw in a couple of cool graphics to explain the usability from of the laptop cooler. As you may have noticed, the CoolStand 3 on the box contains a red grille while the CoolStand 3 that I am going to be reviewing contains a silver one. From this I can infer two things.

First, the manufacturer is saving money on ink and printing costs by using the same image on all of the boxes. This practice is very common and does in fact save quite a bit of money when large quantities of these products are produced. Although some may disagree, I personally find this practice a bit misleading. If I were looking for a laptop cooler in the store that I could place on an office desk at work, the red grille would be less professional than the silver one which would keep me from buying this particular product. On the other hand, by saving some costs on the manufacturing, the savings can be passed on the to the buyer, thus possibly making this small difference worth while.

The second thing that the box is suggesting is that there are several variations of this product. While I may be kept away from buying the cooler with the red grille for the office, I would certainly prefer it for home use. JETART offers coolers in red, silver, black, and orange grille variations to suit everyone's tastes, though you will not be able to see the grilles after you have placed the laptop on it.

JETART also packed the CoolStand 3 with plenty of features. In addition to the ability to incline the surface of the cooler, JETART also added the ability to rotate the base 360 degrees. The design itself is very attractive and eye catching. As you can see from the pictures above the cooler has 6 legs which are used to support the laptop. The top four are used for horizontal position while the other 2 are used to keep the laptop from falling when the laptop is in the inclined position. Another thing that can be noted is the thickness of the cooler. As stated in in the specifications as well as what can be seen from the pictures the cooler is about 23 mm thick which is 2.3 cm or 0.9 in. This can be a serious downside in the mobility department. In fact if you are a person who needs to carry multiple things in your laptop bag aside from your laptop, odds are that you will not be able to carry this everywhere you go.



 300 x 276 x 23 mm

 Adjustment  20 ~ 50 Degree, 6 Levels
 Application  11.1" ~ 15.4" Notebooks

 DC 5.0 V


 0.14 A

 Power Consumption

 0.7 W

 Power Supply

 USB Cable

 Fan Speed  2000 R. P. M.
 Noise  21.26 dBA
 Weight  800 g


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