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Spire Cooling Solutions KestrelKing V

Author:  Tyler Curry
Date:  2005.12.08
Topic:  Cooling
Provider:  Spire Cooling Solutions
Manufacturer:  Spire Cooling Solutions

In the next few days we will look at a few coolers for the socket 939 platform of motherboards. High end, mid-range, and low level will all be included, and all of them tested against a stock AMD fan that is included with a 3000+ processor. Being as the 3000+ runs quite cool at stock speeds as it is it will be interested to see how far the temperatures will drop with higher end cooling.

Up first today is the Spire Cooling Solutions model SP792B12-U dubbed the KestrelKing V. This cooler is priced at a whopping $10.99 as of this writing according to

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