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Nexus Hush Kit

Author:  Matthew Homan
Date:  2008.03.10
Topic:  Cooling
Provider:  Nexus
Manufacturer:  Nexus

Nexus Hush Kit


Quiet your PC:

Nexus have once again sent us more products, this time it is the “The Hush Kit.” With Nexus’ website at you get the idea that this kit is their forte. TWL has received a lot of items from Nexus in the past and we have not been disappointed with the quality, durability, and the products living up to what they the specs claim thus far, so lets dig into the “Hush Kit” and see if the kit lives up to Nexus’ stellar rep.

The kit comes with few items to assist you with making your PC noticeably quieter. This includes Nexus’ case fans, which were featured in the “Nexus Caterpillar Case” review by Jason Dumbaugh. The kit also comes with a heat pipe fan less north bridge heat sink, two heat pipe DIMM coolers and a hard disk mounting kit. Lastly the kit included “Extra Ventilation PC Brackets.”

The thoughts about the PCI-Brackets at first were of “How will PCI gates which are made of metal mesh make a PC quieter? Well, after the installation of these brackets it was determined that the present case fans were not just pushing “So Much” air but rather the air couldn’t go anywhere once it was pushed into the case. The air was simply baffling off the blades of the fans and causing noise. The addition of the PCI –brackets provided additional vents which allowed the air to easily flow through the case. These brackets assisted with keeping cables and etc. from getting into the case along with larger pieces of dust, but also allowed for a channel of air to blow across your PCI cards which more then likely don’t get a blow-by air flow unless your case is outfitted with a left-side window mounted fan which blows air directly onto the cards. Some case may have a case fan on the lower part of the front of the case, but the air is usually blows to the path of least resistance which is usually out the top and back of the case or the power supply. Taking temp reading through a case window is extremely difficult causing the readings to skew.


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Lets take a look at the rest of the items in the Hush Kit.

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