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Vizo Propeller Card Cooler

Author:  Matthew Homan
Date:  2007.04.16
Topic:  Cooling
Provider:  Vizo Technology
Manufacturer:  Vizo Technology

Introduction to Vizo:
You may or may not be familiar with Vizo, a manufacturer based in Taiwan which specializes largely in computer peripherals with unique designs specifically for the DIY (do it yourself) consumers. The Vizo Propeller is primarily a video card cooler but can be used to cool any internal computer card. Of the many video card cooling products on the market today, most are designed to increase the air flow through the case and between card and potentially out the back of the PC case. The heat that is generated by your video card’s graphics processing unit can itself cause a strain on its' own components. Newer generation GPU's such as the 7900, 8800, and ATI R600 based cards will expel more heat than ever before. Think Intel Northwood and old AMD Thunderbirds here guys. Other methods of heat elimination range from purchasing additional case fans (which in the end makes your case sound like a small Learjet), to higher priced water blocks.

Vizo describes the Propeller as:

"VIZO PROPELLER is a dual fan card which is focused on increasing expansion card cooling effect and making your system work with excellent performance, especially for the ultimate in performance gaming and overclocking your card. Furthermore, its fantastic design with the cold blue LED light which can give you cool and fabulous feeling and make your computer have a gorgeous look. It is a cool stuff not only to give you a faster and cooler PC system, but also bring you the state of the art for your PC."

Now ignoring the poor spelling here and perhaps a bit of overstating the facts and you do have a few facts. Blue LED's, aimed at higher performance, and overall system cooling effect. Let's see if it helps.


Dimensions : 207 x 120 x 21.5 mm
DC Fan Dimensions: 70 x 70 x 15 mm ( 2 PCS )
Bearing Type : Sleeve Bearing
Speed : 2200 RPM ~ 3600 RPM
Noise Level 20 ~ 35 dBA
Max Air Flow : 28.3(Min:16)CFM
Rated Voltage : DC 12 V
Rated Current : 0.32 A
Compatibility Expansion Card
Weight : 140 g

The specifications on the Vizo Propeller were great in comparison to several other card coolers on the market today. The card was so quiet while running that it was hard to hear over the power supply fan. The amount of air passing through the card was pretty good for the size of the blades and angle. If it wasn’t for the blue LED lights, it would be hard to tell from a distance if the card is even running.

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