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Xilence Icebox Passive Hard Disk Cooler

Author:  Erik Engelhardt
Date:  2008.11.09
Topic:  Cooling
Provider:  Xilence
Manufacturer:  Xilence

Xilence Icebox Passive Hard Disk Cooler


Lets face the facts, keeping all your hardware as cool as possible is the way to go. I am sure there are a hand full of people out there who at one point in time have had difficulty with a hard drive. In fact, I am sure there are plenty of people who have had a hard drive overheat and completely die altogether (I myself have had a few of these moments). The hard drive is still one of the more over looked components as far as cooling goes. The Xilence Icebox Passive Hard Disk Cooler might possibly provide an easy and painless solution for those looking to cool off their hard drives.

Company's Take:

Passive HD cooler with four heat pipes for best cooling efficiency.

Cooling fins enlarge the heat dissipation area and as a result the cooling capacity improves. vibration absorbers lower the noise level of your hard disk and enlarge its lifetime. This hard disk cooler is designed for installation into a 5.25 " drive bay. Application: all 3.5" hard disks with a maximum height of 1".

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