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Vizo Sleet Ram Coolers

Author:  Justin Washick
Date:  2008.04.14
Topic:  Memory
Provider:  Vizo
Manufacturer:  Vizo

Vizo Sleet DDR Cooler



Vizo Sleet DDR Cooler


Here's the scenario: You've just built your sexy overclocked machine. You're so proud of your accomplishment, but you're met with disappointment when the system seems to crash at random. Upon running some system tests, you discover that the RAM is overheating. It's time to get some RAM heat sinks, and you come across my review of the Vizo Sleet DDR Cooler. Intrigued, you read through to determine whether this product meets your needs.


What's In The Box?

The first thing I see as I inspect the package is that there are two options for the metal: copper and aluminum. The copper variant is more photogenic, but I'll be testing both side by side. As I open the two-pack of DDR Coolers, I see that each side of the cooler has an adhesive strip with a peel-away cover, essentially a double-sided tape that comes pre-attached to the cooler itself. One thing of note is that at the top of each side of the cooler are grooves where each side will slide into each other, and then the clips will go over the top to lock the two sides together.


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Vizo Sleet DDR Cooler
Vizo Sleet DDR Cooler
Vizo Sleet DDR Cooler


From the Product Page:


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