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The FIC Condor

Review by Jason Jacobs on 9/10/04
Product Provided by FIC


Small Form Factor Made Functional

FIC created the Condor in answer to the needs of a large market of gamers out there. Consumers who enjoyed playing games, but also wanted portability and power at a good price, often found themselves out of luck when seeking a retail product. Laptops are portable, but those capable of playing today's latest games are expensive, not easily upgradeable, and still can't offer the performance available on a modern desktop. A custom-built solution for this purpose requires time and skills that many consumers don't have. Introducing Condor, FIC's answer to this need. The Condor is a Small Form Factor (SFF) computer that is not only portable, but also completely tool free and upgradeable. It is one of the few SFF machines on the market with onboard graphics (Geforce 4 MX) capable of playing some average games, while also incorporating an additional 8X AGP slot and two PCI slots. This allows the consumer a wide range of choices for configuring and upgrading the system. If the onboard graphics won't play your favorite game to your satisfaction, simply pop in a new card; the same option is available for replacing the onboard audio with a PCI sound card.

Let's take a close look at what FIC calls "The Gamer's Best Friend."