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Itami FiTrainer

Author:  Thomas "Erik" Engelhardt
Date:  2009.03.04
Topic:  Miscellaneous
Provider:  Itami
Manufacturer:  Itami


After several hours of sitting around, writing reviews, and testing stacks of hardware; getting out of the office and going on a brisk walk and/or jog comes as a much needed end to the day. However your personal day ends or begins, or maybe you just happen to have some spare time right in the middle; a little exercise is needed a few times a week to push forward the ideals of a healthy lifestyle. The FiTrainer from Itami seems to be a very handy gadget whether you are already in great shape, are looking to shape-up, or even are attempting to just find a way to fit a quick exercise into a daily routine. The FiTrainer from Itami is a small portable device aimed at giving you the guided exercise content you need along with some music to assist in your routine.

Itami's take:

"With the Itami FiTrainer, its as easy as putting on a pair of sporty headphones. Sounds too good to be true? Use with caution, FiTrainer is extremely addictive. You will experience healthy urges and desires to exercise regularly. Get out of your couch potato routine and start seeing results instead of just dreaming about them."

Product Specifications:

Dimension W 125 x D 163 x H 66 (mm)
Weight 45g (without battery)
Screen Monochrome pattern LCD
Button Start/Pause Button, Decision Button, Selection Button, Reset Button
Heart Rate Sensor Photo-electric pulse wave detection mode
Headphone Speaker Mono Output
External Voice Input Terminal 3.5m Mini Jack
Other Function Auto Power Off (about 5 minutes), Low Voltage Detect Function
Operating Temperature Range 0 ~40 degrees C
Power Supply Dry Cell AAA Alkali Battery PCS 1
Battery Life About 15 hours (Room temperature, in constant use)





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