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Gigabyte GA-EP45T-Extreme Motherboard

Author:  Jason Jacobs
Date:  2009.02.12
Topic:  Motherboards
Provider:  Gigabyte
Manufacturer:  Gigabyte

Gigabyte Logo

Introduction to the Extreme:

When as a manufacturer you add the word "Extreme" to a product you had best be prepared to backup that claim. No where is that more true than in the computer industry. Enthusiasts, DIY'ers, and analysts alike smell blood in the water when such a claim is made and will readily tear a manufacturer to shreds if they find the product lacking. We at TechwareLabs are no different. . . "Extreme" you say. Lets find out.

So aside from the name, what actually makes the Gigabyte GA-EP45T-Extreme so extreme? Well a first look at the motherboard provides us with some clues.

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Clad in copper, sporting a build in waterblock as well as severall advanced features, and multiple indicator LED's the EP45T-Extreme certainly looks the part. Looks aren't everything but they certainly count, especially to those systems integrators and consumers who can envision the EP45T-Extreme in a case with a window. The EP45T-Extreme looks built for some serious competition but lets first look at the specifications and see if this board is up to handling your needs.

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