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Author:  Michael Lynch
Date:  2008.04.11
Topic:  Motherboards
Provider:  AMD
Manufacturer:  Asus




Recently Asus released their Asus M3A78-EHM HDMI motherboard. It was accompanied by AMD's new chipset 780G. The AMD Chipset 780G is very similar to Intel's G35, as it offers an integrated graphics solution. The GPU of choice for the 780G was the ATI Radeon 3200. As it might not be considered a gaming platform, but can easily withstand all home and office use you may try.

The new Asus M3A78-EHM HDMI is a mircoATX motherboard, allowing it to fit not only in your personal computers, but also into your home entertainment PCs as well. It provides support for all AM2 and AM2+ processors, including the latest from AMD's Phenom line. Like most all other AMD platforms the memory standard is maxed at 1066, but still works with 800, 677, and 533. With the integrated graphics solution, adding an addition graphics card will allow the system to work in what is known as Hybrid Crossfire. Providing an enhanced video performance. Comes with full HD (1080P) support, allowing flawless playback from you Blu-ray or HD DVD's. Additionally it has Multi-Display Support, providing HDMI, DVI, and RGB outputs.

Asus m3a78


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