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Review - EPoX 8KRA2+ VIA KT600 Motherboard

Techware Labs recognizes EPoX's support in making this review possible!

Review by Edward Chang, call sign: Big_E

August 8, 2003




Socket A motherboard

AMD Athlon,Athlon XP,Duron
400Mhz Max FSB
VIA Apollo KT600 Chipset

For old time's sake, EPoX jumps on the VIA bandwagon once again for the last full measure. The EPoX 8KRA2+ combines the industry-renowned overclock-friendly EPoX engineering with the fastest VIA chipset available, to produce one of the finest performing KT600 motherboards out there. The VIA KT600 will arguably be the last VIA chipset for the AMD Athlon family processors since Hammer is coming right around the mountain bend. Today, we will compare EPoX's newest motherboard, the 8KRA2+ to an assortment of motherboards using competing chipsets like the KT400 predecessor, SiS 746, and popular NForce2. Read on!


About the Company:

Northgate Innovations, Inc. and EPoX Computer Company Ltd. announced that the companies had recently signed an agreement to strive to expand EPoX's PC motherboard market in North America. Northgate will be responsible for sales and marketing of Epox Motherboards in North America. Northgate benefits by having EPoX Motherboards' long established brand recognition and product reputation. Northgate will work closely with EPoX Taiwan to further enhance the quality of EPoX's motherboards offerings as well as working to reduce the cost of the products. Northgate, on EPoX's behalf, will provide service and warranty work on motherboards for existing EPoX customers without interruption.

Over time, the EPoX brand name has become synonymous with quality and performance  motherboards. In the past, EPoX has produced countless motherboards, many of which were renowned for their excellent build, unique features, tweakability, and great performance. EPoX has used VIA motherboard chipsets for the longest time. VIA's more recent KT266A and KT333 family chipsets were incorporated into extremely popular EPoX mainboards, like the 8KHA+ and 8K3A+. EPoX has also made many other excellent AMD motherboards using AMD, SiS, and VIA chipsets.


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